Web Site Design Information:

Why do I need a web site?
A quality web site design that is representative of your business should be your top priority. A well developed web site will gain your business more exposure, customers and sales with little cost in comparison.
Triple Crown Design takes the time to understand your needs to ensure that we create a web site design that will satisfy your business goals. From basic promotional web sites to large e-commerce solutions we have the knowledge and experience to help your business grow. As owners of horses and part of the horse community we understand your special needs.
We offer complete packages including design, hosting and management making the whole process easy. You do not need any knowledge, Triple Crown Design will guide you step-by-step through the design process.


How It All Works:

  1. First you need to decide what needs to be done. Is it a design of a web site or redesign of a site you have already or addition to it or perhaps you have a site already and need it updated or a simple add on as a form or blog, forum or ?.
  2. Do you need a web master or web site maintenance program or are you going to run it after we upload it and get site ready for you..
  3. What design do you like and want and content you need on it. You want a custom design or from a template setup. Or is there site you like that you want us to get ideas from.
  4. What functions do you want your site to be able to do, or what program(s) do you want the web site to run.(you can add or turn your old site into a interactive program in most cases too like classified, blog's and other programs) if any.
  5. If your local then we can meet in person or if you want to do it over the phone/emails that is fine too
  6. Fill out our free request form out and lets us help you take the next step on the world wide web.
  7. After we get your request we will review it and get back to you with a estimate or free consultation.
Web site Web Master and or Web site Maintenance Program:
Web Master is the person who is in charge of or creates the content and application on a web site. a webmaster also would be in charge of the maintenance of the site too(this can be a person or company. we can help you to keep your web site up to date or add content on a monthly and or by program or update). Web site maintenance can also be separated so you manage the site but have some one update or keep the site updated with new content or make compliant with the new world wide web codes. . Or maybe you have had a web site built and want someone to work on it , update edit or add programs to it we can help you there too. Fill out our free quote to find out more how to get your site up to date or maintenance program, or for us to become your web master.

What is web site hosting and why do I need it?
Hosting refers to a server where the pages of your web site are stored and programs for your web site are run.. (like this web site). Hosting come in different sizes and types. Depending on what you need. First you need to determine what type of web site you want and what type of programs you need to run on it. Once you figured this part out you can find out how much space you need. Second you need to find out how much bandwidth you need to make sure your web site can take the visitors to your site(bandwidth is determined by how many visitors plus programs and images you use.) video and music sites for example take alot of bandwidth up. We make it easy to upgrade if you start simple and need to upgrade your web site space later.

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